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“Stop Perdido City” group raised questions about incorporation at public meeting.
About 60 people showed up Thursday night to a meeting organized by the group, “Stop Perdido City.

This website has no affiliation or association with the group that is promoting the incorporation effort.
The incorporation effort appears stalled and the incorporation effort website shows little activity.
If the Perdido Key incorporation effort starts moving forward again,  we will restart the anonymous poll so that your friends and neighbors can continue to express their view on incorporation.  View the last poll results HERE.

This news dirctly from the blog page of District 1 county commisioner Jeff Bergosh.  Read it here 
Monday, November 27, 2023

According to Representative Alex Andrade, from his Facebook account this morning, the local bill that  had been prepared for filing in Tallahassee for the effort to incorporate Perdido will not be filed, after all.  Even though at a recent legislative delegation meeting the issue was unanimously voted for approval.  from Adrade’s Facebook post:

“I will not be filing a local bill to place the question of Perdido’s incorporation on the ballot this Session. After reviewing We Are Perdido’s feasibility study in depth, and consulting with the Florida Department of Revenue and Florida House staff members, we determined that significant changes would be required to the proposal. Because, at this stage, these changes would need to be made by a single legislator instead of the residents of the affected area, I have made the decision to not file and sponsor the bill.

I have informed We Are Perdido of the decision, and encouraged them to spend this next year engaging in additional due diligence and public outreach if they decide to pursue this initiative in the future.”

 I was neutral on the effort from the beginning, even though I saw serious issues with the feasibility study and a growing chorus of my constituents were reaching out with significant concerns.

Glad this effort will be given a bit more time for all of the details to be fleshed out, rather than being rushed through and forced like a square peg into a round hole—which is what it felt like prior to this announcement by Rep. Andrade.

  We Are Perdido announced at the Escambia County Legislative Delegation meeting that the group was organizing an effort to incorporate the Perdido Key area.  The group may continue efforts to incorporate southwest Escambia County (Perdido Key Area) into a new Town or City called Perdido.

To become its own city, the Florida Legislature would need to conduct a feasibility study.   If it passes the House and Senate then it goes to the governor to sign.   After that, it would go to a referendum where the voters will decide if they want to form a new city.
This site has no affiliation or association with the group that is promoting the incorporation effort.

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